D + M ~ One fun loving groom, cute bride and naughty siblings = a crazy wedding

And here is their Wedding film trailer :D

Shiva and Sadhus

Mahashivratri – Festival to celebrate devotion and faith specially for the nagasadhus, these series of pictures are from my visit to Girnar a couple of years ago to attend Mahashivratri mela.

The experience was intense to say least. wasn’t for the fainthearted, perhaps; but for the curious and the pioneering traveler, and for lovers of India.

during the time I was attending the festival along lacs of other visitors because of stampede and death of many people we ended up being stranded in the jungle area of Girnar foothills, spending night without food and adequate clothing for the cold weather or even food, forcing  us to leave earlier than planned as our camera batteries discharged only to wait 8 hours at bus stop as there were not enough buses for the amount of travelers.

Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha Rathi Shraddha RathiDespite of all the hardships it remains one of the most cherished experiences and  I hope to go back to make better photos in future, a  lil more prepared :)



Shraddha Rathi:

You never understand life until may be it grows inside of you.

From the archives, maternity shoot at Mumbai

“You’re gonna miss this, you’re gonna want this back. You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast. These are some good times, so take a good look around. You may not know it now, but you’re gonna miss this.”
- Trace Adkins

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Why does it take months to receive your wedding prints and film ?

Sometime ago we heard of couple (clients of a contemporary photography company) who only received their wedding album by the time their baby was due, The couple had to wait A YEAR for their wedding album to be ready! A whole year …. Now that is just completely and utterly ridiculous, Isn’t it?

These days the charm of waiting is considered stupid by most. everything is fast chat to food.We live in this digital, technological age where people expect instant results and often clients are disappointed about having to wait 2-3 months for their wedding album. I mean if you are shooting on digital the results should be instant right? WRONG!

Back in the days of film. One would shoot off rolls of film and unless you had a darkroom at home, the film would be delivered to a lab who would take care of everything. They would process the film and print a contact sheet for you. You would then make your selects and the lab would print everything whilst fixing any colour or tonal issues. Easy peasy! It was actually quite a quick process and there wasn’t too much post-production work for a photographer.

Digital photography has changed the whole game! Digital pics are instant in the sense you can view them immediately BUT there is a whole load of work that goes on behind the scenes from the shoot to the delivery of the album.

Here is the whole process step by step…try to keep up with reading ;)


When we photographers get back from a wedding, or any kind of shoot for that matter, we have to download all of the photos from the cards to the computer. From there we will back them up onto at least 2 other hard drives. I always keep a hard drive off site in case of anything nasty happening. This whole process takes some time and has to be done first even if you are so impatient to have the first look.


Shooting digitally means that there is no longer a direct expense every time we click the shutter except for the hefty depreciation cost of the camera and  equipment, this means that we tend to shoot A LOT. Before we even start working on images we have to go through hundreds or in some cases thousands of images to get rid of all the nasty ones or the repeats. We have to cull all the extras and get the job down to a workable amount. This process takes a while and is a BIG part of the job.


The majority of professional photographers shoot in RAW. I am sure most people would have heard of jpegs, PDFS etc, well a RAW file is just another type of file. The advantage of shooting in this type of file is that they can store a lot more colour and tonal information than a jpeg. One needs special software to read these files. In order for a photographer to present these files to the ‘man on the street’ they need to be converted into a jpegs.

(I remember a client coming back saying the RAWs we supplied were corrupt and did not open ;P)

During the whole conversion process the photographer will go through all the images and adjust the colour, the tonal range, contrast, exposure and, if necessary, crop the images. Back in the days of film, these things would have been done by the lab.  Most wedding photographers use Adobe Lightroom to do this and this process is called “processing your images”. One can also convert images to black and white or add filters during this stage though remember there is no faster way of doing this but open and work on each image individually.


After processing the bulk of images we will go in and retouch and tweak the images that we have selected for the album in Photoshop. If there is an absolutely marvelous pic of the bride but she has an ugly double chin we will go in there and sort that out (because we can, and because I am a women who wouldn’t want a photo of me with a double chin in my album!) we will also get rid of any pimples and will smooth out the skin. Digital photography is really unforgiving on skin (you can just about see every pore in some cases). Film has a lovely softness to it which digital doesn’t.

Sometimes there will be ugly things in the images to get rid of or clone out (like telephone poles or toilet signs). It really depends on the image. Not all photographers retouch images, and the price of your photographer may vary hugely because of this. I know that when I choose a wedding photographer I will want someone who edits and processes as well as they shoot. In saying that I strongly believe that photographers need to shoot well so their images are about the photography not the editing.

Here are a few before and after of a pics from recent weddings


Here is an image from Deepti -Dennis’s wedding while she was getting ready.


Here is an outdoor image from pre-wedding shoot of Shrikesh & Pauri (link to their film trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9L7o70fQdg)


We just couldnt control the crowd in the background as it was a public place and could only crop some of them out so spending extensive time to make up the background was inevitable


A night shoot makes our life a little difficult as it could take some time and creative ideas to enhance images like below


To this:

DGIMG_5821 copy


It is at this point we will select the images that tell the story of the day and then size all of these, make them ready for web, order them, upload them to blog and and facebook, write a little story about the day or some description. There are some photographers who only blog their “coolest weddings”. I believe that all of my clients are awesome and couldn’t imagine leaving anyone out. Blogging takes up an enormous amount of time but I enjoy it and clients love it too.


When all of the images are ready we design the album using our own layouts.we do not use same layout for all the client, every client and wedding is different. to be able to do justice to the Bride, Groom and their family in proportion to importance of the different ceremonies we end up spending a week or two just setting and trying different layouts, designs and rearranging photos.

we shoot on multiple camera so when it comes to making collages it does take intense concentration and no disturbance conditions to be able to remember all the detail and wide shots which together make a complete picture  like the ones below taken at different times on different cameras and from different angles:

Getting readyIMG_8935 copy_MG_8219 copyIMG_9478_MG_8513 copy


Once the album is designed it will then be sent off to the lab where it will be printed. Once it is printed we need to go into the lab to proof the prints, and once that has happened the album is then bound. If the clients wants anything fancier or something they ‘once saw on the internet’ this adds up to the time it will take to . This is a process in itself. Once the album is collected from the lab, we will package it up all nicely, burn DVD’s and finish off the job.

I am sure you can imagine that this all takes time!(burning DVDs and filling up your HDDs with all the data takes sometimes a day or two while our editing table remains occupied with your transfers holding other clients’ work)

In between all of this we would be doing a million and one other things that it takes to run a business –  like answering mails, invoicing, chatting to potential clients, working with current clients, working on branding, having meetings, looking at figures, marketing, blogging and so on and so forth….not to mention other shoots!

Diagram of what people think photographers do


Diagram of what photographers actually do



In an ideal world a photographer would shoot a wedding on a Saturday, download and back up all the cards that night or the next day. The next week would be spent editing the wedding and designing the album so that it would all be done by the following Friday. The reality of the situation is that most wedding photographers shoot every weekend and sometimes they do more than one wedding a week. There are also other shoots that get slotted into the schedule,  like engagement shoots, commercial work and portrait shoots, plus the normal business things to attend to during the week. We also need a day off every now and again! The result of all of this, is that wedding photographers can often get very behind with their editing. Sometimes, if we have been shooting back-to-back weddings we may have 10 or 12 weddings to edit before we even get to the one we have just shot. This really adds on a lot of time but if we do not edit the stuff ourselves our ‘touch’ will be missing.

We always tell our clients that it will be about a month until their pics are available in softcopies and three months until the album is ready. If we manage to get everything done before that everyone is happy, however, if we take longer than promised everyone hates us! By over exaggerating the time it takes to get a job out it means that if there are any errors along the way like a week where none of us cannot get into the lab to proof prints or if there are prints that need to be redone, there is time to play with. I find this works for us.

Now all the above was about still images, think about the amount of efforts and time goes into editing your wedding film! if not more at least 10X the above process. (Now this should explain our baggy/ puffy eyes and under-eye patches to our families)

We are always looking for ways to improve the process and make things quicker but I do know one thing …… it is always worth a bit of a wait for quality! Frankly speaking perhaps we are hurry to get over editing of clients so we can start working on another lot of fresh images.

It is at this point that we will say thank you to all of our clients for always being so patient! guys, you rock!!!

Credit to www.ispwp.com for the great diagrams and http://jackibruniquel.com/blog/ for the inspiring content



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